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Empires Apart is an old-school Real Time Strategy game set in medieval times. It aims to recapture the excitement and wonder of collecting resources, building an army and raising to victory. With focus on competitive online play, Empires Apart brings the classic real time strategy gameplay to the modern age.

Gameplay Overview

Empires Apart is a throwback to old school isometric medieval RTSs. Games are played on a random generated map where each player picks a Civilization, gathers four types of resources (food, wood, stone, gold) in order to build an army big enough to crush his opponent.


Each Civilization in Empires Apart will feel unique and should be played differently by the player. Each Civilization will have substantially different buildings and units, while keeping the same overall archetypes throughout the game. Civilization bonuses, team bonuses and unique units are thrown away in favour of a truly unique design for each Civilization. Taking a hint from MMORPGs or MOBAs, each Civilization is designed to fit a particular role in a team based game. Each Civilization is designed to be a Rush, Boom or Support type of Civilization. After choosing a Civilization, the player can choose one of two or more Variants. These Variants will keep the Civilization likeness and units roughly the same but will change the way the Civilization plays by favouring certain aspects over others (eg. one variant might have improved cavalry but weaker navy and another variant might have improved navy but weaker cavalry). These Variants are classifiable under the same types as Civilizations do and can therefore alter the potential roles that a Civilization might play in a team based game (eg. a Boom type Civilization might have a Support variant, creating a Boom/Support hybrid).


After choosing a Civilization and a Variant, the player can choose one of two or more Heroes. Heroes are special units that can be created in a Town Center or other important buildings. A player can only create one Hero per game. Once killed, the Hero is gone for the rest of the game. A Hero is a historically relevant figure that behaves unlike any other unit in the game, having access to unique passive and active abilities. Understanding how to use Heroes can turn the tides of a match. While each Civilization must be able to hold its own in a 1v1 scenario, Civilization Types, Variants and Heroes will allow them to excel in team-based games and create interesting team strategies.