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Development Video Blog #004 – New Look, Civilizations, Random Maps

Posted 10 months ago in: Development Vlog -  

Some people thought this day would never come. At last, the fourth devlog of Empires Apart is here. After more than a year from the last one, we finally managed to summarise everything we worked on during 2016 in video format.

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Development Video Blog #003 – UI, Sound Effects, Multiplayer & More!

Posted 1 year ago in: Development Vlog -  

And finally, here’s the third devlog for Empires Apart!

We were so busy getting ready for Milan’s Games Week that the amount of features grew exponentially in our hands and the Vlog got pushed back and pushed back until now.

The amount of new features is so big that we couldn’t show them all in the video and it would be crazy to list them all here.

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Development Video Blog #002 – Combat, Berries, Control Groups & More

Posted 2 years ago in: Development Vlog -  

Here’s the second, long awaited, development vlog for Empires Apart.

A lot has changed since the first one. We finally implemented combat, both melee and ranged. Melee attacks vs buildings still use the grid system that we implemented for resources. Ranged attacks have a percentage-based precision system in place, so we get consistent results while balancing the game.

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Empires Apart Development Video Blog #001

Posted 2 years ago in: Development Vlog -  

In the first instalment of our Development Video Blog for Empires Apart, DESTINYbit Co-founder & Creative Director – Gian Paolo Vernocchi, gives us an overview of the current build featuring unit movement and selection as well as building construction and the slot system that powers unit placement around resources and buildings.

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