Here’s the second, long awaited, development vlog for Empires Apart.

A lot has changed since the first one. We finally implemented combat, both melee and ranged. Melee attacks vs buildings still use the grid system that we implemented for resources. Ranged attacks have a percentage-based precision system in place, so we get consistent results while balancing the game. The four units that are in the game right now all feel and play differently.

We improved our pathfinding a lot as well as implemented berries and resource depletion.

We’ll be part of the Indie Showcase at Milan’s GamesWeek in october so we’re working hard on a multiplayer build to take there. As a result you can expect a lot more updates coming in the coming weeks and months.

Most of the updates can be found on our Facebook page or Twitter account.

We also stream regularly on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 7pm UTC.